Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  How often does someone need to do a session?

A:  It varies by individual and what they have going on.  Once the initial session is done, a maintenance session to maintain and optimize basic body functionality is usually done monthly.  For folks in perfect health, that do all the right things (i.e. optimal nutrition, hydration, exercise and sleep), they can get by with a session quarterly. Someone with chronic health issues, may need to have a session weekly, working up to bi-monthly and then a monthly maintenance session.  For special circumstances, such as injuries or surgery, I can do a specific trauma focused session or for surgeries, a pair of pre and post surgery sessions.  These actually speed up the healing process by about a month usually by assisting the body in the healing process, reducing inflammation, pain, stress, increasing skin healing and stabilization and many other specific programs.

Q:  Can you use the SCIO on children?

A?  Yes!  The SCIO is ideally suited for children, as they are often unable to verbally communicate what they are suffering from. Children suffering from behavioral problems have seen considerable improvements, as the SCIO unearthed contributing factors.

Q:  Can you use the SCIO on animals/pets?

A:  YES, animals are unable to communicate with us in the most obvious of ways, although it may be apparent that they are suffering both from physical and psychological problems. Pet owners have seen vast improvement in the behavior and increased vitality of their pets

Q:  Can the SCIO diagnose what is wrong with me?

A:  No, the SCIO does not diagnose!  Once the client’s electromagnetic field (EMF) communicates where the imbalances are, the SCIO supplies balancing frequencies back to the client’s EMF.

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