BioFeedback Sessions

All Biofeedback sessions can be done in person or remotely.

Biofeedback (Healthcare) Session:
Duration: 90 minutes
Cost: $100/session
Includes: a 3 minute scan to identify significant imbalances in the body, identify significant pathogens (fungus, parasites, bacteria and viruses) and eliminate, balancing the Autonomic Nervous System, balancing of the seven major chakras, balancing of the meridians, assessing the presence of inflammation, detoxing and de-stressing all detox organs, boost energy, and optimize the immune system. The rest of the session is specific to your health issues and goals.

Pre and Post Surgery Support Session:
Duration: Two 90 minute sessions. One to prepare you for surgery and one after surgery to expedite healing.
Cost: $200 ($100 per session) OR $180 when prepaid in full – you save 10%

Mini Sessions: Short session specific to an acute issue
Duration: up to one hour
Cost: $75 per session
Example: Dental issues: pain, inflammation, infection, dental disease, gum disease, dental nosodes, dental isodes, skin healing, wound repair, trauma, etc.
Injury support: pain, inflammation, infection, swelling, skin healing, skin stabilization, wound repair, trauma, bone stimulation (if broken bones involved), circulation, lymphatics, nerves, muscles, etc.

Packages: Biofeedback only

Package A: Three 90 minute sessions.
Cost: $270 (a $300 value! Save 10% when prepaid in full)

Package B: Five 90 minute sessions.
Cost: $425 (a $500 value! Save 15% when prepaid in full)

Package C: Ten 90 minute sessions.
Cost: $800 (a $1,000 value! Save 20% when prepaid in full)

Referral bonus:

Refer any three people that purchase a 90 minute biofeedback session and receive a FREE session for yourself after the last session is completed.

Discounts available for Seniors, Military and Students with identification.

The Science Behind SCIO

 What is the SCIO?

The SCIO (Scientific Consciousness Interface Operations System) is a universal electrophysiological biofeedback system. It coordinates a complex electro-modal, biofeedback program with computer software in order to gather bioenergetic information of a client’s subconscious. This information is selected and listed by the SCIO in order of the highest reaction and the stressors are analyzed in the course of a stress management session.

The current version of the SCIO is based on 20 years of history, research and experience throughout the World.

Detailed Indications for Use:

“The device is indicated for use and registered as a universal electrophysiological biofeedback system. This includes the following Eight Universal Items:

  • Stress Reduction and Lifesytle Stressors Questionnaire;
  • Simple EEG [electroencephalography] brain wave stress reduction including Cranial electrotherapy;
  • Three-pole ECG [electrocardiography] simple heart awareness stress reduction;
  • EMG [electromyography] simple reeducation of muscles;
  • GSR [galvanic skin response] and TVEP [transcutaneous voltammetric evoked potential];
  • Transcutaneous electro nerval stimulation for pain reduction;
  • Trauma or wound healing and electro-osmosis;
  • Global Voltammetric Charge Stability;

All of these combine to form a universal electrophysiological biofeedback system for the detection of stress and reduction of stress, and the treatment of muscular re-education from injury, muscle weakness or dystonia, pain (TENS [transcutaneous electro nerval stimulation]), trauma/wound healing, charge stability imbalance, redox potential and electrophysiological reactivity.”

Furthermore, all Users of the device must be clearly aware of and understand the following Disclaimer:

“The SCIO is to be used as a universal electrophysiological biofeedback system. It is designed for stress detection and stress reduction. The device does not diagnose any issue other than stress. Stress can come from many sources; this system uses many multimedia therapies to reduce stress. This device also measures client’s electrophysiological reactivity which is another way to represent stress. Only a licensed healthcare practitioner can diagnose a client. The system is calibrated to measure the very fine and subtle electrical reactions to a group of biological and medical stressors. The sensitivity is set so fine so as to pick up the earliest sign of distress and issues related to distress. Therefore, the results might be below the client recognition. The readings should be evaluated by trained biofeedback technicians. Always consult with a licensed healthcare practitioner. Always use additional tests or referrals. No claims other than stress detection and stress reduction may be made.”


Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  How often does someone need to do a session?

A:  It varies by individual and what they have going on.  Once the initial session is done, a maintenance session to maintain and optimize basic body functionality is usually done monthly.  For folks in perfect health, that do all the right things (i.e. optimal nutrition, hydration, exercise and sleep), they can get by with a session quarterly. Someone with chronic health issues, may need to have a session weekly, working up to bi-monthly and then a monthly maintenance session.  For special circumstances, such as injuries or surgery, I can do a specific trauma focused session or for surgeries, a pair of pre and post surgery sessions.  These actually speed up the healing process by about a month usually by assisting the body in the healing process, reducing inflammation, pain, stress, increasing skin healing and stabilization and many other specific programs.

Q:  Can you use the SCIO on children?

A?  Yes!  The SCIO is ideally suited for children, as they are often unable to verbally communicate what they are suffering from. Children suffering from behavioral problems have seen considerable improvements, as the SCIO unearthed contributing factors.

Q:  Can you use the SCIO on animals/pets?

A:  YES, animals are unable to communicate with us in the most obvious of ways, although it may be apparent that they are suffering both from physical and psychological problems. Pet owners have seen vast improvement in the behavior and increased vitality of their pets

Q:  Can the SCIO diagnose what is wrong with me?

A:  No, the SCIO does not diagnose!  Once the client’s electromagnetic field (EMF) communicates where the imbalances are, the SCIO supplies balancing frequencies back to the client’s EMF.


In 2000, my friends and I had been hearing about and checking out this new biofeedback device (previously known as QXCI).  I had been chronically ill for 30 years.  I worked, went home and slept for 14 hours a day all those years.  We each decided to get the QXCI in order to, hopefully, reclaim our health.  After about 10 months of working on myself several times a month, I went from working and sleeping 14 hours a day to working two jobs and playing tennis 5 days a week!  I was astounded as doctors had told me there was nothing else they could do for me.  At this point, with my healthcare background, I decided I could help others to improve their health, and therefore, their lives.

Years later, the QXCI was upgraded to the SCIO (Scientific Consciousness Interface Operations System).  It now has over 20,000 programs.  It does a 3 minute scan, giving the client over 10,000 frequencies and then measuring their response to each of those frequencies (sort of like an allergy test).  It determines if each frequency is within normal range, slightly out of range, moderately out of range or significantly out of range.  These are color coded with the significantly out of range being coded as red.

This is the most comprehensive device that I have ever seen.  I am so impressed with the fact that it can not only identify imbalances in the body, but then address them to support the body in healing itself.  It works on the physical, the mental/emotional and the Spiritual aspects of the body.  The fact that it is natural, non-invasive and affordable makes it appealing to almost everyone.