Charms for Fulfilling Wishes

There are oh so, so many ways to make a wish. Blowing out a birthday candle, dropping pennies in a wishing well, rubbing Aladdin’s lamp, seeing a shooting star, snapping a wishbone, making a Christmas list, blowing on a dandelion puff, waving a magic wand and on, and on and on.

With so many ways to make a wish, why don’t more wishes come true?
Now they can!

Proof of Seimei Charm’s Harnessed Ability:

Step One

Pour 2 cups of wine from the same source and label them ‘A’ and‘B’. Taste both cups of wine

They taste exactly the same


Step Two

Place the ‘A’ cup on the side and this will be the control. Place the ‘B’ cup in your right hand and hold it on top of the charms and say:

“Please Hongen, I wish to change this wine to sweet”.

Taste the control cup ‘A’ first. Next taste the ‘B’ cup

They taste different. ‘B’ is sweeter than ‘A’

“Thank you, Hongen for making my wish come true”.

Step Three

Hold the ‘A’ cup on top of the charms and say:

“Please Hongen, I wish to change this wine to sour”.

Taste cup ‘B’ first. Next taste the ‘A’cup

They taste different. ‘B’ is sour and ‘A‘ is not

“Thank you, Hongen for making my wish come true”.


Before contact with the Charms, both cups of wine tasted exactly the same. After holding the ‘B’ cup on the Charms and wishing to change the taste to sweet, the Enlightened Vital Life Force in the Charms actually changed the taste to sweet. The same result occurred with changing the ‘A’ cup’s taste to sour. The harnessed ability of the Ma Ni Power Charms fulfilled both wishes to change taste. As is typical with most Japanese modalities, exact wording is provided by the Houjushus to insure consistency in use of this wishing application.

To use the Charm’s harnessed ability for wishing simply say,
“Please Hongen, I wish (state your wish)”
When your wish comes true,
“Thank you, Hongen for making my wish come true”.

“Hongen” translates as the word “Source” from the Japanese.

Seimei Charm’s harnessed ability actually delivers sweeter coffee, longer lasting flowers, faster growing plants, better sleep, tastier food, saving money, more comfortable decisions and much more.

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