Seimei (pronounced Say May) came into being with the birth of Toshihisa Hiraki, a great man of wisdom and clarity, in 1947 in Kumamoto, Japan. He acknowledged the existence of a unique phenomenon within himself that defied physical laws as we know them. He named this phenomenon SEIMEI or “the awakened Vital Life Force.” He then proceeded to prove it into physical manifestation by using it to alter the taste of liquids and relieve pain and discomfort in all things animate without physically touching the object or the person.

The Seimei practitioner initiates a process that allows your body to heal itself. The practitioner also locates the point of pain you described and monitors the changes taking place. Seimei works by removing stagnation in the body that can cause pain and discomfort. Results vary depending on how long you’ve had the condition.

Some of the more common issues associated with pain are:

AccidentsCarpal TunnelMuscle StrainStress
ArthritisCuts and BruisesPMSTendonitis
Back PainHeart BurnShock/DistressTight Shoulders
BalancingHeadachesSore MusclesTMJ
BurnsJoint PainSports Injuries
BursitisKnee PainStiff Neck

Seimei ( Vital Life Force) is a proven technique.  We do not diagnose, provide advice or make recommendations regarding health. As with other holistic modalities, we are a complement to, not a replacement for, sound medical care.

Seimei is absolutely safe. In fact, we have no physical contact with our clients and offer no remedies or supplements.

Seimei has attracted more than 15,000 Japanese practitioners. The attraction to this work is based on the speed in which results take place.

This healing phenomenon is truly unique because both you and the practitioner experience positive results.

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