About Me

Miki Phillips
B.A., B.H.S., C.B.T.

I have been devoted to healthcare for the past 40 years.  I began my journey by receiving Bachelor of Arts degrees in both Chemistry and Biology from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington.  Following that was a Bachelor of Health Sciences degree in Medical Technology from Duke University Medical Center.

Upon graduating, my first career was as a Board Certified Medical Technologist.  After 8 years, I changed the focus of my career to running Phase I – IV Clinical Drug Studies domestically and internationally as a Sr. Clinical Research Associate.  Becoming disillusioned with the traditional medical model, I then began my Holistic education and have spent the last 20 years growing and expanding my knowledge and abilities to help myself and others, while acknowledging the great benefit of the traditional medical model in diagnosing and trauma treatment.  Having been trained in both traditional and holistic healthcare allows me to see the bigger picture and guide you accordingly.

As a healthcare practitioner, trained and certified in many natural healing modalities, my role is to be your natural health coach.  Wellness and wholeness are an ongoing process.  Together we create a Healthy Living Program tailored to your specific goals.  The length and intensity of your program depends upon what you wish to accomplish and how quickly you wish to accomplish it.  As your health coach, I will support and encourage you while utilizing my areas of expertise to optimize your goals and keep you on track.  We can adjust your program as you heal and grow to best suit your needs.

Personalized Healthy Living Program

The Healthy Living Program holistically addresses health challenges and promotes wellness. Clients are assessed using the Phillips Protocol, an established process that identifies their health challenges and reveals the best course of action to resolve those challenges and achieve their goals. Miki Phillips then coaches clients to help them implement their personalized Healthy Living Program.

The Phillips Protocol was developed by Miki Phillips in 2000 to address her own serious health issues, including Types 1 and II diabetes, Systemic Lupus and fibromyalgia. Through biofeedback, nutrition and supplements, she was able to completely heal from these and other conditions. The Phillips Protocol has since been used to optimize the health and improve the vitality of more than 1,000 people worldwide.