Stephanie Shipper

Specializing in Gentle Life-altering Healing for
Chronic Fears, Traumatic Responses, & Phobias

Have you ever asked yourself: who would I be if I stopped living life based on a painful story?
Up until today has your personality been a composite of the limiting stories that still haunt you?
Have you wondered who you might be if this story was not defining your life any more?
Ready to write a new story based on Victory & Freedom from your ‘Enemy’ (unresolved stories/
traumas)? Welcome, you have come to the right place!
Born to engaged Civil rights advocates from Alabama, I noticed very early that people could
achieve all their inalienable rights and still not be ‘free.’ All of us alive have ‘enemies,’ (unresolved
stories/traumas) that dictate our true freedom and potential.
My practice focuses on reestablishing freedom from the stories, fears, phobias, & self sabotage
that until now have defined your ability to exceed and excel. All of us are Divinity wrapped in
human fears and limitations. I believe it is your birthright to fulfill your passions & fully potentiate!
Stephanie Shipper has 33 years experience as a Certified Trainer of Neuro-linguistic Programming
(NLP,) a Trainer of Touch for Health Kinesiology & Consulting Kinesiologist, IAKP, a Certified
Practitioner of both Integral Eye Movement Therapy, IEMT, and a Havening Practitioner.
In addition to her therapeutic background, she has worked
with clients such as the US Army Peacekeeping Forces,
PSYOP Division, the NC Bar Association training Mediators, Live on NY (the NY Organ Donor Foundation,) and has been a top corporate speaker in Conflict Resolution/Negotiation for Vistage International for 16 years.
It is my honor to serve you and make a difference in your
life. I am available for both daytime and weekend hours and also work via Zoom.

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