Healing and Wish Fulfilling Charms

Introducing Seimei Charms

I would like to share with you the new Seimei Charms which have been infused with the power of Seimei! They can be applied to the body to enhance and extend the healing process and they can be used for enhancing food, taking away pain, creating intentions, and anything else that you may wish for. You may contact me to purchase or for more information.

The charms are new. The power is ancient.

The Seimei Charm is a circular plastic wafer measuring ¾” in diameter. It is printed with ink that never contacts your skin and has a hypoallergenic adhesive for safe bonding. The only active ingredient, “Enlightened Vital Life Force”, can be experienced but has no physical properties – it cannot be seen or touched.

The Seimei Charms come ten to a package and are placed inside a protective cover which is sealed in cellophane.  These can be purchased from me.

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