Becoming a Practitioner

Toshihisa Hiraki, founder of Seimei, eventually devised a curriculum and awakening process that allows people to explore, learn and know about their own Seimei. The awakening process, called the Go Juki No Gi ceremony, translates as “The Awarding of Power.” This happens directly from the Founder in Japan. This is where the journey starts. Then one takes classes and finds their own passionate uses for SEIMEI.

There is a lot more to SEIMEI than can be described, but it is used primarily as an alternative non-touch healing technique. It is very powerful and can help relieve pain, stress and tension from the mind, body, and spirit/soul.  For acute conditions, SEIMEI is phenomenal: One minute the pain is there, the next it’s better !* Tens of thousands of people in the East have been taught to use their own Seimei creating better lives for themselves and those around them.

Introduction of Seimei to the West began ten years ago and is an on-going endeavor. The journey begins by going to Japan for the Awarding of Power Ceremony.  Immediately following the Ceremony, you can change the taste of liquids, take away a single point of pain and do an emergency rebalance. This completes the Level I of training.  Levels II and III are taught in both US locations. Currently there are two centers for the Study of Seimei in the U.S.: Morristown, NJ and Santa Fe, NM.

The Seimei Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit, tax-exempt organization.

*Seimei results vary depending on how long a person has had a condition, and it is not a substitute for sound medical care.

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