Robin Clare

What answers have you been searching for on your spiritual journey? Do you find that your search prevents you from living fully in the present moment? The most often asked question on the spiritual journey is ” Why am I here?” When you know the answer to this question, you will stop searching for answers and start serving in a focused and committed manner.  Through Robin’s own expanded spiritual journey, she discovered a process to answer the universal question, “Why am I here?”.   Robin is sharing this process through a one-of a kind spirit-guided program called the SOUL PLAN™.

Your Soul Plan is a blueprint that tells you what you purposefully came here to learn in this lifetime.  The program includes individual sessions to: 1. Define the spiritual journey you have lead to date. 2. Unveil your Soul Plan blueprint. 3. Develop a plan to align your spiritual journey with your Soul’s destiny. 4. Review how to implement your Soul’s desired next steps as contained in your comprehensive SOUL PLAN™  report.

Imagine having the clarity to fulfill your destiny by living and serving in the now.  Want to learn more?

Contact Robin at:   or 860-232-3331  or visit her website at: 

Known as the Spiritual MBA, Robin Clare brings Clare-ity, Alignment and TRUE Success to her client’s lives by merging her extensive business expertise with access to universal wisdom.  Since 2004, Robin has co-founded three spiritual organizations. Robin Clare has 25 years of experience as a seasoned corporate MBA plus the past 10 years of supporting spiritual seekers.  Now, she is merging her two career paths to bring Clare-ity to her client’s personal and professional lives with business know-how and universal access.

Robin is a creative and inspiring speaker. Her signature speaking topic, Stop Seeking and Start Creating showcases her one-of-a-kind SOUL PLAN™ program.  Robin is often a guest consultant and teacher at spiritual centers to support a diverse audience of spiritual seekers. Robin organizes travel and retreat experiences on sacred destinations across the globe.  She is the author of Messiah Within and an upcoming second and third book, Walking the Walk with Spirit and Spiritual Business Mastery. Robin is honored to live her life’s purpose in service to others.

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