BioFeedback Sessions

All Biofeedback sessions can be done in person or remotely.

Biofeedback (Healthcare) Session:
Duration: 90 minutes
Cost: $100/session
Includes: a 3 minute scan to identify significant imbalances in the body, identify significant pathogens (fungus, parasites, bacteria and viruses) and eliminate, balancing the Autonomic Nervous System, balancing of the seven major chakras, balancing of the meridians, assessing the presence of inflammation, detoxing and de-stressing all detox organs, boost energy, and optimize the immune system. The rest of the session is specific to your health issues and goals.

Pre and Post Surgery Support Session:
Duration: Two 90 minute sessions. One to prepare you for surgery and one after surgery to expedite healing.
Cost: $200 ($100 per session) OR $180 when prepaid in full – you save 10%

Mini Sessions: Short session specific to an acute issue
Duration: up to one hour
Cost: $75 per session
Example: Dental issues: pain, inflammation, infection, dental disease, gum disease, dental nosodes, dental isodes, skin healing, wound repair, trauma, etc.
Injury support: pain, inflammation, infection, swelling, skin healing, skin stabilization, wound repair, trauma, bone stimulation (if broken bones involved), circulation, lymphatics, nerves, muscles, etc.

Packages: Biofeedback only

Package A: Three 90 minute sessions.
Cost: $270 (a $300 value! Save 10% when prepaid in full)

Package B: Five 90 minute sessions.
Cost: $425 (a $500 value! Save 15% when prepaid in full)

Package C: Ten 90 minute sessions.
Cost: $800 (a $1,000 value! Save 20% when prepaid in full)

Referral bonus:

Refer any three people that purchase a 90 minute biofeedback session and receive a FREE session for yourself after the last session is completed.

Discounts available for Seniors, Military and Students with identification.

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