Peggy Phillips
B.A., B.H.S., C.B.T.

I have been devoted to healthcare for the past 40 years.  I began my journey by receiving Bachelor of Arts degrees in both Chemistry and Biology from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington.  Following that was a Bachelor of Health Sciences degree in Medical Technology from Duke University Medical Center.

Upon graduating, my first career was as a Board Certified Medical Technologist.  After 8 years, I changed the focus of my career to running Phase I – IV Clinical Drug Studies domestically and internationally as a Sr. Clinical Research Associate.  Becoming disillusioned with the traditional medical model, I then began my Holistic education and have spent the last 17 years growing and expanding my knowledge and abilities to help myself and others, while acknowledging the great benefit of the traditional medical model in diagnosing and trauma treatment.  Having been trained in both traditional and holistic healthcare allows me to see the bigger picture and guide you accordingly.

As a healthcare practitioner, trained and certified in many natural healing modalities, my role is to be your natural health coach.  Wellness and wholeness are an ongoing process.  Together we create a Healthy Living Program tailored to your specific goals.  The length and intensity of your program depends upon what you wish to accomplish and how quickly you wish to accomplish it.  As your health coach, I will support and encourage you while utilizing my areas of expertise to optimize your goals and keep you on track.  We can adjust your program as you heal and grow to best suit your needs.

My Toolbox

Quantum Biofeedback: The flagship of my practice has been the SCIO (Scientific Consciousness Interface Operating System) device which works with frequency and has over 20,000 different programs.  It is non-invasive and works energetically at the sub-cellular level while harmonizing your body’s energetic stresses and imbalances.


Nature’s Sunshine:  Keeping a body in physical, mental, emotional and Spiritual balance requires a variety of changes, implementations and sometimes supplementation.  Due to the poor nutritional value of our current food production, whole food nutrition from plant sources using superior manufacturing practices and sources has become essential for most people.  I use Nature’s Sunshine products because they have proven to be a company that focuses on education and integrity rather than greed and short cuts.  They have been the gold standard in whole food nutrition for over 45 years.

Some herbs are only needed for a short time, such as when cleansing, detoxing, supporting or rebalancing the body.  Other herbs may be needed longer when used to supplement dietary deficiencies.  It is a good idea to check these periodically (using muscle testing via kinesiology) to see if you need to continue, add or stop your current supplement program.  I can do that for you.


Seimei:  I have just completed my Level III training in Seimei, a Japanese, hands-free pain relief and healing modality.  I do one point of pain relief (< 5 minutes) and advanced pain relief and healing (about 30-45 minutes). (Check out the Seimei tab for further information).