Charms for Healing

Where to Place the Charms?

The three most common ways of using Seimei Charms for healing are:

  1. D.I.Y. (Do It Yourself) Charm Placement (put it on a place that hurts)
  2. “Quick Fix” with Seimei Practitioner
  3. Extension of Seimei Session Healing (as originally intended)
D.I.Y. Charm Placement

Common Sense: Your knee hurts –

  1. If skin is not broken, then put a charm on it.
  2. If skin is broken, cover with a bandage, and then place a charm on top of the bandage

Remember, using Seimei Charms is only about experiencing change and acknowledging results.

D.I.Y. Applications

From what we’ve observed, the best results for placing the Charms yourself are on non-serious conditions that are less than two weeks old.

  • Abrasions
  • Knee Pain
  • Scrapes
  • Back Pain
  • Headache
  • Scratches
  • Bruises
  • Heart Burn
  • Sore Muscles
  • Burns
  • Lacerations
  • Stiff Neck
  • Cuts
  • Minor Sprains
  • Stress
  • Foot Pain
  • Muscle Strain
  • Tension
  • Post Surgery
  • Tight Shoulders
  • Joint Pain

Remove a Charm from the package, peel from the strip, and place on the area of discomfort.

Apply gentle pressure on the Charm to secure in place.

Leave the Charm on for no more than three days; replace with a new Charm if needed.

If you experience no change in the level of your pain:

You can move the charm because it may be on the wrong point.
Add a charm because more than one may be needed.
Or, your behavior or activity is preventing healing.

Still no Change? Contact a Seimei practitioner for a “Quick Fix” or Session


Do not place charms on broken skin.
If a rash or irritation develops, remove the charm immediately.
Keep away from direct sun.
Keep charms out of children’s reach.


Seimei Charms make no medical claims to cure or prevent any medical condition. Please see a doctor if the discomfort persists.

Healing and Wish Fulfilling Charms

Introducing Seimei Charms

I would like to share with you the new Seimei Charms which have been infused with the power of Seimei! They can be applied to the body to enhance and extend the healing process and they can be used for enhancing food, taking away pain, creating intentions, and anything else that you may wish for. You may contact me to purchase or for more information.

The charms are new. The power is ancient.

The Seimei Charm is a circular plastic wafer measuring ¾” in diameter. It is printed with ink that never contacts your skin and has a hypoallergenic adhesive for safe bonding. The only active ingredient, “Enlightened Vital Life Force”, can be experienced but has no physical properties – it cannot be seen or touched.

The Seimei Charms come ten to a package and are placed inside a protective cover which is sealed in cellophane.  These can be purchased from me.

My Toolbox

Quantum Biofeedback: The flagship of my practice has been the SCIO (Scientific Consciousness Interface Operating System) device which works with frequency and has over 20,000 different programs.  It is non-invasive and works energetically at the sub-cellular level while harmonizing your body’s energetic stresses and imbalances.


Nature’s Sunshine:  Keeping a body in physical, mental, emotional and Spiritual balance requires a variety of changes, implementations and sometimes supplementation.  Due to the poor nutritional value of our current food production, whole food nutrition from plant sources using superior manufacturing practices and sources has become essential for most people.  I use Nature’s Sunshine products because they have proven to be a company that focuses on education and integrity rather than greed and short cuts.  They have been the gold standard in whole food nutrition for over 45 years.

Some herbs are only needed for a short time, such as when cleansing, detoxing, supporting or rebalancing the body.  Other herbs may be needed longer when used to supplement dietary deficiencies.  It is a good idea to check these periodically (using muscle testing via kinesiology) to see if you need to continue, add or stop your current supplement program.  I can do that for you.


Seimei:  I have just completed my Level III training in Seimei, a Japanese, hands-free pain relief and healing modality.  I do one point of pain relief (< 5 minutes) and advanced pain relief and healing (about 30-45 minutes). (Check out the Seimei tab for further information).